It’d be an understatement to say we’re excited for the release of Bootstrap 5.0. Over the last few months, we’ve been working with pre-release versions and we’ve been excited at the major changes to the popular front-end open source toolkit. Here’s a rundown of our favourite new components, revamped components that we think you should know about, and other changes you need to get started with Bootstrap 5.0.

What are Bootstrap 5’s new components?

Bootstrap has some great improvements to existing components — but there are three new components that we’re really excited about.

From building an e-commerce front end to developing a new navigation system…

From ordering tickets to getting customer service to managing our finances, the number of tasks we do online increases every day. Doing these virtual tasks from our laptops and phones brings convenience to our busy lives, but as with any convenience, there’s a trade-off.

Interacting with bots and human agents requires people to share sensitive data, including account numbers, birthdays, addresses, and more. There’s growing concern around what personally identifiable information (PII) and other sensitive data is collected, how it’s used, and how it’s stored. It’s not only consumers who are concerned. …

When it comes to daily computer usage, the majority of time clicking away is spent using a web browser. Whether it’s Google Chrome, Apple’s Safari, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox — the browser is one of the most used applications today.

With over 60% of the global market share, Google Chrome is the dominant browser across PCs and Macs. Beyond its speed and performance, Chrome has the advantage of having a giant library of extensions that expand what the browser can do.

Everyone seems to have their favourites, so our design team decided to put together a list of our must-be-installed…

In today’s feature spotlight, we’re showcasing one of our favorite integrations- Twilio.

Why bots and Twilio are a perfect match

In our always-on world, your customers want to be able to interact with you when and where they find it most convenient. Here’s why an SMS enabled bot can really impact your business:

  • Over 5 billion people have access to a mobile phone that can send and receive SMS.
  • In a 2019 survey, 80% of people said they preferred SMS for business communications because it was faster and more convenient than phone or email.
  • Another report said that 52% of…

In our latest release, Meya v2.4, we completely rebuilt one of our most used integrations-the Front customer communication platform.

Front gives businesses a unified inbox for their teams. While email and phone support continue to be important channels for support, chat is increasingly becoming the preferred channel to get in contact with businesses. HubSpot reported that 40% of shoppers don’t have a preference for an AI-powered bot or a human agent, as long as their question gets answered.

This is where the beauty of the Meya and Front integration starts to shine. …

“There’s nothing to do in Waterloo.”

I heard it so often that I decided to do something about it. In February of 2016, I started a weekly events newsletter to showcase music, art, theatre and cultural events happening around Kitchener-Waterloo.

Almost five years later, it was time to make a change. Not to the content of the newsletter — but to the platform behind it. Goodbye Mailchimp. Hello Substack.

Mailchimp is great, but it’s built for marketing and e-commerce. Building the newsletter each week was taking around two hours in Mailchimp. This is my personal project on my personal time…

When customers interact with Meya, they see the Meya Orb. It’s our customer-facing component of the platform that integrates with dozens of services through the Meya Grid. But you’re not limited to just text interactions. Meya v2 supports amazing voice interactions through integrations with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Interacting with technology using voice and virtual assistants is as common today as typing on a keyboard. But just two decades ago, having a conversation with a virtual assistant was something straight out of a science fiction book or movie. Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 classic 2001: A Space Odyssey showed us a…

Connecting with your customers or prospects in real-time has always been the best way to build strong relationships. But scaling that as your business grows is challenging. The solution for this has been bots-but like everyone, you’ve probably had your fair share of uninspiring bot interactions. It gets even more complicated when you add live agents into the bot mix. Bots are only part of the solution. Today’s businesses need a conversation platform-and that’s why we built Meya.

The Meya CX platform is built by developers for developers. Our Meya Grid lets your developers connect almost any customer channel such…

Once the initial shock of the COVID-19 closures wore off, my Instagram feed started filling up with posts from my friends’ pre-COVID travel adventures. Kelowna to Calcutta. Costa Rica to Tokyo. It was a travel #ThrowBackThursday seven days a week.

When we think of the effects of COVID-19 locally, tourism isn’t one of the first things that comes to mind. While we’ve been dreaming about getting our passports out and hitting the airport, Waterloo Region Tourism has been hitting the streets. Their mission: to help Waterloo Region attractions and businesses navigate reopening and reconnect with locals.

“For the tourism industry…

Meya launched four years ago with a mission to help businesses deliver outstanding customer experiences with conversational artificial intelligence, workflow automation and industry-leading integrations.

We’re more than just another bot platform. The Meya CX automation platform is used by clients around the world and across different industries to help their customers with support, sales, and more.

Over the last few months, we’ve taken lessons and learnings from our clients and rebuilt Meya to deliver even more. We’ll be digging into how we take this feedback and turn into features in future posts. …

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